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Dog Running

Fast Track Program

One-week board and train

This package is like summer camp for your dog. During your dog’s stay, they learn to heel, sit, climb, and break (release command), all under distractions. At the end of the boarding, they are fully obedient. Owners will have three lessons before the dog goes back home.

During the coaching sessions, we will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to continue the dog’s training. We will not only focus on the pillars of training: Timing, Motivation, and Consistency, but also on the leadership and state of mind aspects. We will teach you how to troubleshoot any challenges that come up in the home and in the future.

Cost Includes

$1100 One-week board & train (includes three go home lessons)

$200 Ecollar EZ 900

$30 6ft biothane leash

$30 Herm Sprenger Pinch Collar 

$40 Climb

Fast Track Program: Services
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