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The Theory of Dog Training

The way your dog behaves is a product of how you interact with them. Don’t blame the dog. Your dog’s behavior is directly related to their ability to understand and implement the three training principles: Timing, Motivation, and Consistency. These principles are the core ingredients to behavior modification, whether it's training the family pet or teaching a police dog to find drugs. Understanding how these principles work is the secret to clear communication between you and your pet. Contact us today to get started!


Training Method

Welcome to Camp K9 Training! We realize that all dogs do not have the same personality and therefore we do not have a cookie cutter training method. It is our goal to help you find the proper training technique and style of motivation for your dog. There is no need to bounce around from trainer to trainer only to be disappointed with the results you receive. Let us be the first and last trainer you ever need to hire! Contact us today to inquire about the variety of options we offer.

Training Packages

Fast Track Program

This package is like summer camp for your dog. During your dog’s stay, they learn sit, down, climb, and break (release command), all under distractions. At the end of the boarding, they are fully obedient. Owners will have two lessons: one during their stay with us, and one go home lesson.

During the coaching sessions, we will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to continue the dog’s training. We will not only focus on the pillars of training: Timing, Motivation, and Consistency, but also on the leadership and state of mind aspects. We will teach you how to troubleshoot any challenges that come up in the home and in the future.


This program is tailored to your dog. Some dogs may require more time than others, please contact us for a free, no commitment evaluation.

1 Week Board & Train

Cost- $1100

(equipment sold separately)



2 Week Off-Leash/Behavior Modification

This program is designed for dogs that are exhibiting dog aggression, fear aggression, human aggression, fear issues, anxiety, separation anxiety, and history of biting.

Using our low-level, communication-style remote collar training, dogs in the Behavioral Modification Board and Train will learn the following:


Walking properly on a leash without pulling, barking, lunging, sniffing, or reacting to dogs and/or distractions



Climb command

Recall training (with distractions)

Calm on Command training – having your dog be calm in all situations, without him/her having to be worn out with hours of walking/play time

Dog Aggression issues – attacking dogs, biting dogs, improper greeting and social skills

Separation Anxiety

High Anxiety/Fear and the residual issues from those states of mind – biting, growling, attacking humans and/or dogs

Human Aggression

Leadership skills with your dog so your dog understands proper pack order with humans

Eliminating bad behaviors – jumping up on people, jumping on countertops, mouthing, nipping, chasing, playing keep-away. 


This program is tailored to your dog. Some dogs may require more time than others, please contact us for a free, no commitment evaluation.

2 Week Board & Train

Cost- $2100 

(equipment sold separately)



Basic/Advanced Obedience

This private lesson package will not only teach your dog to understand and respond to the basic commands: sit, down, recall, no jumping, climb, break (release command), but also perform them when needed and with distractions. We make sure your dog is not only a well-behaved member of society, but we will also teach you to better understand your dog and their needs.

***includes 5 private lessons

Cost- $500 

Additional lessons- $85

(equipment sold separately)

Picking the Right Puppy

This program is for puppies 6 weeks to 4 months old and will give you the following:

Choosing the perfect puppy from a breeder/shelter that will help you prevent future issues such as potty training.

Teaching basic commands- sit, down, climb

De-sensitizing to people, dogs, sounds and objects

Overcoming fear periods

Overall management

***includes 3 customized lessons

Cost- $375

(equipment sold separately)



Frequently Asked Questions


What is an E-collar

An E-Collar is a remote dog training system that consists of a wireless remote and a wireless receiver. The receiver can be set to vibration mode, or a stimulating pulse very much like a tens units found at physical therapy centers. Depending on your dogs' needs, the dial can be set to apply a stimulus so low that it would feel like a tap on the shoulder. 
E-Collar’s also have a range up to 1 mile and allow us to communicate with our dogs in open areas like beaches, parks and lakes!

Can I use a previously purchased e-collar?

We only accept E-collar technologies or Dogtra models.

My dog is 5 years old, can you still train him/her?

MYTH: you can't teach an old dog new tricks
FACT: YES WE CAN! We work on all breeds, ages, and sizes. Our dogs are always learning.

Where do you train? 


We start training in low distraction environments and build up to busy parks, malls, and pet-friendly stores to help solidify and generalize our training methods.

About me

Camp K9 Training was founded in the beginning of 2017 by Andres Melo. Andres is the sole owner and operator of his company. He founded this company on a passion, a passion for dog training. He realized this passion in 2014 when he adopted one rambunctious husky puppy named Zoey. At 8 months old she was handful; always running away, being food aggressive, barking, and not to mention the potty training! After realizing he was going to need real heavy-duty methods to keep his pup in check, Andres began working with her day and night. After many long weeks of training later, Zoey showed real results. Without the worries of constantly keeping her in check, he could do almost anything he wanted with her. Taking her on walks without a leash, feeding her in front of other dogs, and most importantly having her obey every command he gave her was not only impressive to his friends, but started to catch notice of those around him. It was then Andres decided to pursue a career in dog training. 


He was accepted and attended The Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Training in 2016 where he spent many months learning techniques and methods to further his career in professional dog training. He learned basic training techniques to help turn the most rebellious dog into the perfect family pet; but also has and is continuing to learn advanced training skills for specialized fields such as police and military canines.


Andres enjoys spending one-on-one time with all different kind of dogs. Learning their strengths and weaknesses to not only be able to train, but to connect with these dogs helps Andres achieve the best results. Consistency and persistence are the skills that ultimately determine his success. 


One of the most important aspects to Andres is being able to give back to the community. While running his business, Andres works with local shelters to train dogs with difficult behavioral issues. After going through his training program, most of the dogs he has worked with are quickly adopted. Always searching for the best, Andres continues to pursue his goals all while learning along the way. He is the solution to the age-old saying, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks! 


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